Thursday, February 18, 2010


Calvin barely made it off the bus yesterday morning before he decked another a kid over being in his space, a bigger kid at that! They called me and we talked about it, he stayed at school with a detention at recess and then he owed me 30 minutes when he got home which he did without complaint.

Anyone have any suggestions on what the school might be able to do to help him get through this? I know it is a phase because I know that he is able to stop and use his words but lately it seems that he doesn't even pause long enough to think about it he just hits and he hits hard! He is well on his way to being that kid on the yard that no one wants to go near and this is a small town.

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Lisa said...

I took a page from Christine and we're trying 1500 mg of niacin a day and it is really seeming to help with impulse control. It takes about 3 days to see a difference. I've also added an extra dose of omega 3.