Friday, March 5, 2010

If you did not know

Today is Lisa's birthday and you, yes you, need to go give her some love because things are tough over though and she needs some extra love. So go, it will only take a minute and I am sure you can spare it.
Thanks, have a great day, it will probably be better than mine as I have puking kid, film at 11.


K said...

oh NO !!! Hope your kiddos feels better soon - I am also shuffling along like an old woman here as R decided to wake up at 2

GB's Mom said...

Hope your family gets healthy soon! Thanks for the heads up on Lisa!

Lisa said... are soooo sweet. Thank you so much J.

Lisa said...

P.S. Hoping all the puke goes in the appropriate receptacles.

Shanti said...

ugh! hope it's not the flu! thanks for letting us know about lisa.