Monday, March 15, 2010

A little help for another Mama

Acceptance with Joy has just adopted girl/boy twins who are about 5, I think. She has her hands full and at the moment, the honeymoon is over and she is working on the "poop" issue, need I say more. Go give the girl a little love because she needs to know it will get better


Shanti said...

thanks for posting a fellow mom in need! i'm sure she appreciates all the encouragement she can get!

Acceptance with Joy said...


I just found your blog... maybe I should have found you sooner but ummm I'm dealing with poop issues. :-P

Yes, the kids are 6 and not potty trained. The last two days have been pretty trying. My patience was a little thin yesterday and I didn't handle the smells too well. My oldest actually took over while I tried to keep from losing lunch... Little Missy was such a stinker today (the pun works) She did not want to go... swore at me behind my back, screamed and hollered on the potty and then pooped in the toilet. It would have been so much easier to go quietly.

Thanks for the encouragement.