Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Misery loves Company

Corey posted this in reponse to PixieMama's post, I thought I would chime in as well becaue we all know that we feel a whole lot better about ourselves when we see that we are not the only one.

  • I had to call P from cub camp this weekend to transfer money to my bank account so nothing would bounce
  • I also had the damn internet company call me and yell at me about not paying my bill again... it is due in mid month and I always forget.
  • I was shocked when the allergist called me and reminded me of a Wed. appointment, I argued with her that it was Tuesday, then I called  Fudge's therapist to reschedule that appointment becaue I was sure they conflicted - not they did not, I had scheduled them all correctly to begin with.
  • I ranted yesterday about wanting a vacation to somewhere sunny, I meant alone!
  • I yelled at my kids today for getting too wet in the melting snow outside, yes to wet in the snow that is melting from the sun as they played outside for over an hour.
  • And to make you all feel a little better this is my house... today, after I put away the boxes of wine bottles yesterday because I thought people were coming over for a meeting.
I can not even tell you how long all this clean laundry has been here, I don't remember.

This is the room that we are getting ready for foster kids... I am making a lot of progress,can't you tell.

I can not tell you how long all this crap has been here, I added that little bag yesterday though
The tripod and piles of stuff on the table have been here since January when we took the Christmas tree down and the picture that hangs on that wall is still elsewhere.

This is where the boys dump their stuff when they come in and where the 5 boxes of wine bottles were as as well until I put them away yesterday until we bottle wine again. All kinds of crap ends up sitting here  until I finally need it or move it. They only line their boots up because they are afraid of me.

dead flowers, nothing says I hate house keeping like dead plants and the picture of the piles of recycling won't load, use your imagination there is a sh*t load of it though.

Don't feel bad, you are not alone, I get overwhelmed by it all as well and I know we are not alone. Play along if you'd like, show off your mess and stress.


GB's Mom said...

I have a dead plant in a beautiful ceramic planter hanging in front of my large kitchen window and I've been meaning to replace it for 2 years. I will post a picture on my blog tomorrow!

I am frequently overwhelmed with paper and can't tell you how many piles of paper are in various places, and I am so disorganized, I don't even know which ones are out of date so I could just chuck 'em.

Megan said...

LOVE it!!!! You may look at this and see mess- I look at it and say, "This mama has her priorities straight!" Taking care of kiddos and taking care of life trumps dumping dead flowers and clearing off bookshelves any day in my book!

Celeste said...

I need to send this to mom!

Shanti said...

too funny. and oh, so true. love the dead plants...that's why i have fake plants in our house! lol

BT said...

so funny; we are all in good company it seems!

Chloes Mom Mary said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone. Really, I'd love to have a week at home - ALONE - to deal with it all. In reality I'd probably end up catching up on sleep instead.

Kelly Wilson said...

Thank you thank you thank you for this!