Friday, April 9, 2010

I did it.

I got in my car yesterday after the boys got on the bus and drove in the city, picked up a friend and drove for another 2.5 hours to visit another friend who was visitng from somewhere else. We ate, we visited. I got really lost. The my friend and I got back in the car, drove back to her city through brutal rain and electirical storms. I dropped her off and drove the 40 minutes back to my house. I fell into bed around 12.

I am exhausted today but it was worth every stinking minute of driving to spend the day with other adults talking about adult things and old friends ( an my kids a bit) and just getting to be together.

The boys where fine, they had school, fun with Dad and behaved themselves. I am sure there will be some payback today after school for leaving but we will survive it.

Fudge looked at me this morning after he got up and as he gave me a big hug he said " I missed you, I even started to forget what you look like." It was so sweet.

Getting away is so important when you do the kind of parenting that we (all of us who have kids like ours) do, it is important for all parents but I htink it is more important for parents who have kids with lots of needs. I know that I often forget to take care of me, I fall to the bottom of the list like so many Moms do. I also know that I am a much better parent when I am calm and have had a break and that I need to remember to take them.

I have to go now and do 6 million things including get the boys cars ready to race tomorrow for cubs. My drill is calling, I love playing with tools.


GB's Mom said...

Good for you! Glad you got so much out of it.

Lisa said...

So proud of you!

My time is coming......