Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just to answer a few things.

A few more things and then I am going back to pulling weeds,

Just to clarify, there was no cirlcle of shame ( as Essie calls it), in fact there will be no confrontation between the girls he hurt and him. I was not willing to bend on that one at all. It was not going to happens and I think that the prinicpal realised that. Calvin wrote the girls letters and I gave them to the prinicpal to pass along to the girls ( I need to say that they both have the same name and it is the same name as his older sister).

There will need to be some plans in the classroom for "safety" (I could not get him to bend on this one) but one of them includes more supervision when he is working in a group which is not a bad thing. He is still sitting alone but so is everyone else because their teacher moved them back into rows this week. The school will send home their "safety plan" for us to read and they already called me a while ago to read it to me over the phone. He is not going to be banished to one corner of the yeard but a duty teacher will check in with him after 10 minutes on the yard and after 20 minutes he is allowed to take a friend and go to the computer lab or the Student Support Workers office and do something other than make mischief on the yard.


Little Wonder said...

Anxious to read about you--you've commented on my blog before, but for some reason I didn't have you in my feed, now I do!

I "used to be" a teacher too. :D I guess we still are, just isn't the same now. A whole lot more responsibility and a whole lot less compensation, lol.

thatwouldbeme said...

I thought it was the school's job to protect the other kids from his assaultive behavior and keep them save, remember? Make up your mind justine, you don't get to have it both ways. And you can bet your butt that if my child was on the receiving end of his antics there WOULD be restitution -- traumatized child or not.