Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Calvin went to school today. We ( P , therapist, me and principal)  met yesterday afternoon and the prinicpal was singing a different song than he sung on Friday. The tune was the same but the lyrics where different. I am not sure that they can do what Calvin needs them too and I am not sure that this is where he needs to be. But at the same time I want him to finish the year. I am going to pull him more often and do other things and hope that everyone can stay safe.

P, the therapist and I got out point across. He listened and kept saying that he knew that I was unhappy on Friday - really, how perceptive of you! I kept my cool and did not launch into all the stuff that is rattling around in my head about all the mistakes that they made and how if they just listend to me in the first palce none of this would of happened

Calvin went to school on the bus with Fudge. After they left I drove to the school and talked to some of the other staff, the staff who works with Calvin and who understands him. The prinicpal was around but I was not at all interested in interacting with him. I brought copies of my "Calvin needs" sheet and handed them out along with the letters that he wrote to the girls he had hurt.

I told them that I was worried about Calvin and that I saw some behaviour yesterday that I had not seen in months (soiling) that indicated to me that although Calvin appears ok on the outside he is not at all ok with all of this.

I trust that he will get through this week but I also worry that as soon as things seem to be okay something will happen, they will handle it badly and we will be right back where we were last week.

I have more to say but the sun is shining and the earth is calling and so it will have to wait.


GB's Mom said...

In my prayers.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

So, some good and some not good? Is the principal going to do away with the circle of shame or whatever that was?
Poor Calvin. Genea has the same sort of thing, when she looks fine on the outside she actually is peeing herself and stealing stuff and lying etc. Which is preferable to the Wango Tango, but really I prefer none of the above.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Hang in there! Hugs and support!