Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Moments

  • It is raining which thwarts my plans for being in the garden, although I do often garden in the rain it is really hard to use the tiller when the ground is really wet.
  • Calvin had 2 dr's appointments last week, we are finally caught up on his vaccinations ( Fudge gets his today) and we are being sent back to the Children's hospital to follow up with a surgeon about the thoughts that his soiling issues may actually have a missed  congenital component that was made a whole lot worse when he came into foster care. We met with a surgeon last summer who wanted not to jump in and do a biopsy but to try treat him with medication. Since the issues are persisting after 6 months of medication the thought is that either the congenital issue was the cause or the with-holding has done a significant amount of damage - oh my is all I have to say.
  • Fudge woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning and in an attempt to silly him out of it I grabbed his arm and tried to get him to start jumping up and down to have a pretend tantrum, instead I whacked him in the eye with his own fist and he left with for school with it looking a little red - oppsie.
  • Calvin has decided that it is a good plan to try to get Fudge in trouble to try to divert attention away from him, he's not very good at it yet though and keeps getting busted but he keeps on trying.
  • P and I are having lunch today, our very small town is becoming less small and has a Vietnamese place that just opened up. I love Pho and so I am rather excited.
  • There is a great piece about Auditory Processing Disorder in the Times last week, amazing what a famous person can do.
  • Calvin seems to be settling back into a normal sort of routine at school and when I was there last week the principal was all sweet and talkative with me about how well Calvin is doing. I just wanted to smack him and say something mean because if he listened to me in the first place we would not of gotten to where we did. But I didn't I smiled and politely said - yes as I said to Ms T. in September and then again January he will push as far as he thinks is necessary and then he will be ok - he didn't really have much to say to that, just smiled and looked a little shocked.
  • I was surprised yesterday at church when I looked across the aisle and saw that an old friend from another city was visiting with her family. We chucked our plans for an afternoon of yard work and spent the afternoon with them instead. The boys did well even though we totally through off their routine and the day had started off rather badly as we got ready for church. They kept it all together and managed to be the polite well mannered little man that I know they can be.
  • If there is someone out there who can explain to me why on earth Fudge feels the need to continue to test my love for him by drinking large glasses of water at night so that he wets the bed I would be really grateful. I totally understand his need to test, I even get that this is one thing that has been a sticking point for us and I have lost my temper at him over it but enough already, stop with the frickin drinks! I have joked about looking up all the cups in the hose after dinner and I am thinking that I just might have to.


GB's Mom said...

Good luck at the doctors. Hope he has some answers :)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

WOw, that is really scary for Calvin! Sheesh- poop boy, POOP! Getting his brother in trouble though, rock on. That's kind of cute. Maddening I'm sure, but cute too! Going off to read that article now.

Jennie said...

Sissy still does that occassionally - drinks lots on purpose so she has to get up at night to pee (she used to just wet the bed but then got grossed out by it)

I have no suggestions to fix it beyond make fudge clean it up himself. That's how I cured Sissy of vomitting everywhere, anywhere, anytime. She'd vomit on purpose, right? And then there were the stomach bugs besides... and she'd never make it to the toilet. So one night around 2 am when I had the stomach bug too, she vomitted all over her carpet. I was furious. Went completely nutso on her. Handed her a bucket of water and a sponge and said "YOU CLEAN IT!"

she's never missed since. But oh, the hollering to get her to clean it. and the screaming and the tears... it was very UNtherapeutic. But it fixed the problem.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Great article, thanks for sharing that! I love Pho too, let's go!

thatwouldbeme said...

The reason the principal reacted like that toward you is because your'e a bully. Congratulations, you just taught your son that he can assault someone (again) and get away with it if he just bitches and moans and intimidates enough.