Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tee hee

Fudge is always good for a laugh.

This morning at breakfast the boys are talking about Mother's Day gifts with their Dad and there is much hushing and whispering between them all. Then Fudge pipes up, " I know we can go to the dollar store, there is lots of great stuff there" I had to turn, laugh and bite my tongue all at the same time. He is such sweet boy and I am now looking forward to some awful smelling candle ( or other interesting find) from the dollar store to remind me of just how sweet he is.


Jennie said...

that's awesome! I love my gifts from the dollar store because it means the kids picked it out and paid for it with their own money. it's so sweet. Of course, Sissy will draw me a self portrait - that's what I get from her every year. A huge drawn picture of Sissy. Just her face. no body. no other people. no sun or flowers or hearts. A huge marker face of Sissy.

GB's Mom said...

Dollar store presents are GB's favorite, too.

Jenny said...

My daughter love the dollar store for family presents!!

Lisa said...


I am a horrible mom. I make a list of things I want from the dollar store and they can pick from it. Pot holders, kitchen utensils, etc.
Then they actually get to see me use them. :)