Saturday, May 8, 2010

A round up of sorts

Tomorrow is the dreaded Mother's Day. P has taken the boys out to buy stuff to make supper tonight in an attempt to make tomorrow and little more tolerable we will just make it a regular Sunday with no big anything. They are off to the dollar store and P has specific instructions that they can buy whatever they want as long is either useful or can can live outside, I am thrilled to have a million ugly garden things because I will not have to dust them.

Calvin is working on keeping it together but is lying to may face about simple things like brushing his teeth and Fudge had an accident today for the first time since last summer... can we say stressed.

That all being said I have seen some really great posts about Mother's Day when your raising kids like ours and I thought I would share.

Kari wrote Happy Mothering with a Purpose Day, it's great.
Corey is doing the best she can and waiting for Monday
Jennie wrote about grieving, there is a lot to grieve for a lot of people on Mother's Day.
Accidental Advocate writes beautifully to her children's birth mother
Diana talks about the real stress that this day can bring for our kids

and although this is not really about Mothers Day per say it is a great post and it fits -
Kristen wrote about Adoption and Loss, very appropriate this weekend as Sunday is all about our kids losses.


K- floortime lite mama said...

J I just read your post on Hopeful parents - sopeechless and moved
hugs and hugs darling
U r a FANTASTIC mother - I understand the special circumstances you are talking about but -that does not anything away ( in fact it probably adds to your fantasticness)

GB's Mom said...

Major league stresses. Having them celebrate tonight is a good way of honoring the bittersweet feelings Mother's Day brings for our kids. It does get easier for most of them over time. My oldest has actually thanked me for putting up with him on these stressful occasions. We deserve Mother's Day- and our kids deserve the right to grieve.

:)De said...

Happy Mother's Day, J!!