Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Day?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, a day when we are to celebrate the woman who care for and nurture us. As an adult I still remember to call my mother, to send her a card ( although rarely on time) and try to take a few minute to connect with other women who are have played an important role in my life. That is my role as a daughter and I must say that it is the easiest part of this day.

Celebrating Mothers day as a Mother is a much different story for me. My sons are adopted and so this particular day is hard for them as I am not their only mother but I am the only mother they get to celebrate with. There were 4 mothers before me and the loss of each of those woman has been significant for my sons. They can not reach out to them tomorrow to thank them for the role they have played in their lives. It is the sad, hard reality that they live with, it is the difficult reality of older child adoption...

Want to read the rest, head over to Hopeful Parents, the whole thing is there.
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