Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Moments - The wow, really edition

  • I am going the museum  with Calvin's class today and so I have very little time to get everything done.
  • There is a post about questions under this one, I have 4, I was hoping for a few more than that so I could get more than one post out of it... anyone else have anything to ask
  • Fudge taught himself to ride a bike yesterday without the training wheels, well he mostly did and then a hand from me to give him bit of confidence and he was off. We live in the country and he keeps asking for pavement because it is easier to ride on. The boys new favourite things is riding down our drive way and racing along our very quiet country road, the only problem is that there is the occasional tree, Fudge managed to hit one but he is a tough kid and so he just picked himself up and kept going.
  • Oh the cat came back, we thought he was a goner... If you know the song sing along. Our cat Freud is down another life, as we left for church yesterday we saw her laying on the highway, we made a quick decision to leave her there because we were certain she was dead or near dead and we did really want to deal with it and traumatize the boys. P and I fretted and stressed about our choice all morning and had a bit of plan based upon whether or not her body was still there when we got home. We drove towards the house and the dead cat was gone, we figured a neighbour must of moved her. We said nothing to the boys and then not 10 minutes later she come limping up the path behind the boys looking for food. She is down another life but she is still here. Last summer she disappeared and then reappeared a week later with 2 broken legs, she is a tough cookie, kinda like my kids.
  • Gotta go do the Mom thing.


BT said...

Are you knitting anything right now? What is your favourite thing that you've ever knitting and why was it your favourite? Have you ever knit anything for your sons?

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...


WOW about your cat! Dang!

My girls want to ride bikes too but there is nowhere for them to go. We have our driveway and the street, that's the choices. So, NO bikes for now. Just as soon as we can get some impulse control and judgement skills going I'll think about it.

What's your favorite color? Why? Do you like to knit with that color? Why did you start your blog? Who is your favorite celebrity?