Friday, July 16, 2010

Yesterday was awful

"Yesterday was plain awful. You can say that again. Yesterday was plain awful. But that's not now that's then!"
- extra points to whoever as seen that movie as many time as I have and can identify which two characters sing it.

Yesterday started off fairly smoothly, well as smoothly as days start lately when Fudge is involved but that is another story and since I do not want to get into all that I will just stick to yesterday.

Calvin had an appointment at the Children's Hospital in the city and so on our way into the city we stopped at a major toy store to get some gifts for an upcoming baby shower (why we went to that store is also sort of a complicated story that involves Calvin learning an important lesson about telling the truth but that would also take to long and is not relevant to my very bad day). We picked out the gifts, paid for them and headed to the car. I was carrying the toys in one arm and I started feeling my pockets for my keys... no keys. It was 1:00 and we had to at his appointment at 1:30. I looked and the keys were in the ignition. I called CAA immediately, then I called the hospital to tell them we would be late. No worries they said because they are always running behind. I sent Calvin inside to get a coat hanger and when he returned I tried in vain to the door open. CAA showed up at 1:20, in 10 seconds he had the door open and we were on our way.

We were doing well for time still I got stuck in the traffic jam from hell and a 4 lane road was reduced to 1 lane for no good reason ( or so it seemed). We finally got through it and  got to where we needed to be only 15 minutes late. It clearly did not matter how late we were because they were totally behind. We waited an hour. We talked to the surgeon. To make a long story short I convinced the surgeon that really we needed an answer one way or another to whether or not Calvin has a congenital condition that is making his bowel issue way more complicated than it needs to be. He agreed that there was only one way to get a definitive answer and that was with a biopsy but before he did the biopsy he wanted to do a couple of other tests which would then lead to the biopsy in the end. I said no. He was a little taken aback at the fact that I said no but I just can not see making Calvin do anymore tests. If we think this is the problem then let's get an answer one way or another and stop all this guessing. Yes it means a day in the hospital, yes it means a rough couple of days for Calvin but let's just do it already. It will mean that either it is congenital or it is not, it will be pretty clear after the biopsies are done. Then we can decided what action to take.

I filed out reams of paperwork, listened to the nurse lecture me about I really should washing my child's sandals every night to help control the odor - clearly she does not have a 10 year old boy who plays hard and  sweats a lot, regardless of what I do his feet stink, winter, spring summer and fall.  Then we were in the car and we were on our way.

It was almost 4, I had to get home because P had clients at 6. I was over an hour from home and it was rush hour. We headed toward the highway and Calvin and I were talking about what having a biopsy meant, he was not impressed to say the very least. I reassured him that all would be ok and that we talk more about it as it got closer. As we talked I got on to the highway, traffic was heavy and I merged in front of black crossover thing that disliked my trying to get of the exit lane that I was about to drive into. He decided to move into the space in the next lane, hit my bumper on his way past, I turned my head to see what happened and as I turned back the car in front of me stopped and so did I, but sadly it was not because I put my foot on the brake pedal.

It turns out I didn't just hit anybody, I hit a cop in a new car. He was really understanding but still. Buddy who hit me disappeared into the next lane and I spent the next hour waiting at the police station with the other driver to file a report.

In the meantime P had to drop Fudge off at a friends and then head to work and it after 7 by the time I got home and started making supper for the boys - can you say KD*, I can. It was KD and salad, organic salad from our garden, that makes me feel less guilty about KD for supper.

Then P came home, he was less than impressed, supportive and understanding but less than impressed. We can't really can afford crap like this to happen. We live pretty much hand to mouth around here. If anyone out there thinks that therapists get rich you are mistaken. After some salad and some red wine I called it day and went to bed.

The second last day of being 32 sucked. Today is the last day and I must say it has been better so far and it will continue to get better because I am going out with friends tonight and P is staying home with the boys. Tomorrow we are going to the fair and that will be fun, there is nothing like a country fair with cotton candy, outhouse races and midway rides to make a girl and her kids happy.

Remember if you leave a comment on the post from yesterday you can win free stuff. See you on Monday or maybe tomorrow if I feel motivated or have a good picture

* If you are not Canadian or you do not speak Canadian KD is Kr@ft Dinner, also know as Mac and Cheese.


BT said...

So tomorrow's your birthday?! Happy birthday from a fellow July baby.

And that was a very funny set of stories even though they added up to a not very fun day for you. I got an especial kick out of the smelly sandals story. I might have punched the woman who lectured you. Our 10 yo and 8 yo both have endlessly smelly feet. I have never seen anything like it. It seems they are stinky again almost right after washing. Boys! I gave up long ago on this.

Tammy said...

Ack!!! Thank God you're all ok!!!!!

And thank you for explaining the KD abreviation :o) I would have been up half the night wondering what you were talking about!

Have a happy birthday tomorrow!!

Melissa said...

That is from my childhood favorite movie...Annie. Daddy Warbucks and Annie are singing at the big celebration.

Should I be worried that I can sing the whole song? I think I may have watched it one too many times as a child :) Hope your day today is better!

Misty said...

you have solved years worth of mystery for me. the million dollars song from the BNL is a big favorite among our family and although we suspected the "kr@ft dinner" line was referencing mac n' cheese, we NEVER understood why they called it that... :)

over all- crappy luck. Sad. but so glad today was better... I hope tonight and tomorrow are AWESOME!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Your day DID suck! Wow!

Listen, my daughter has some killer funk in her feet that destroys shoes. If you know any tricks or if Miss Nosy Inappropriate Rude said anything useful let me know!

Integrity Singer said...