Thursday, August 12, 2010

I would like ...

Update :
It's now 6 pm and I have made it through some of the list, I am keeping track here by crossing them off... it is a good distraction from actually getting the work done. I forgot to include that we needed tot ell the kids about the upcoming social worker visit, we thought it might be hard for Fudge but he is handling it well and asking lots of questions.

Original Post
I would like to be blogging but I need to be tidying and organizing and getting crap done because I have a list as long as my arm of things to do and they include fun things like making my bedroom look presentable. I guess that means I will need to vacuum. To be brutally honest I can not tell you the last time I vacuumed my bedroom, really I have no idea, clearly it has been to long. I came home for 48 hours from the cottage to make the house look presentable for our home visit on Monday, I am so passed making it look good but no dirty clothes on the floor is a good place to start. We are going back to the cottage on Saturday morning for the weekend and before then I need to:

- vacuum the house
- take garbage and recycling out ( tons of it)
- hang curtains to cover my messy closet space
- paint the patched drywall in the bathroom to cover the hole Calvin made that Fudge made bigger
- buy groceries
- do laundry, multiple loads
- fold and put away the clean laundry that is all over the office/guest room
- assemble DVD storage thing
- post pictures of of our cottage time
- clean the bathrooms
- feed the monsters at least a few times everyday
- move and shift some furniture around
- find missing paperwork and fill it all out
- tidy up the piles of paper that seem to accumulate everywhere.
- put hay in the dog pen
- email our worker about the paperwork
- wash the muddy dog foot prints off the floor
- tidy the yard and mow the lawn
- pick and process veggies from the garden and can some peaches ( peaches are bought but not even close to ripe so I am saved and can process them on Sunday night or Monday)
- hang the broken towel rack back up, you know the one that has been broken for 2 years.
- paint the patched drywall in the hallway.
- catch up on all the blog reading and  commenting that I missed out while I was at the cottage.
 But first I have to stop typing this list and get back to work because there is a lot to do!.

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I nominated you for a beautiful blogger award...