Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Moments

  • My allergies are driving me insane and I am tired of wheezing and sneezing my way through the day.
  • We had a party yesterday as it is a long weekend here in the great white north. I like having friends over and cooking for a crowd and most of the food that I served came from our garden. That makes me really happy.
  • My god-daughter is coming to visit this week from the west coast and I am looking forward to doing some touristy things in the big city with her.
  • Calvin is now sleeping in the hallway outside our bedroom door because after the finding the flashlight in his bed  last week he admitted to reading for many hours each night ( I know, I know he is READING and that is fabulous but still) and sneaking treats into his bed. He is not to happy with the arrangement but it does mean that he is going to sleep when he is put to bed.
  • We harvested all of our potato's on Saturday, we have a lot of potato's but not as many as last year. I am going to trying planting some more and pray that we do not have an early frosts. I can not believe that I am already talking about frost. I wish summer lasted longer here.
  • The boys have been doing reasonably well this past week, although now that I have said that I am going to have to pay for it.
  • Calvin and I were sitting on the couch one day last week and he looked at me and said " You know what is even better than a pillow, a Mom" Oh so cute.
  • We have plans to go to the cottage next week with the boys siblings which is fun, crazy and stressful,  but we will all survive. H and I will pass the days with some adult beverages and junk food and the kids will pass them playing in the water and trying to kill one another.
  • I was thinking that I would link up to some great stuff I had read this week but clearly that is not going to happen as it is almost 11 and we are going to the front field to pick raspberries this morning and we need to get moving if it is going to happen before lunch.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

A mom is better than a pillow- that's so awesome!!!!! Enjoy having a girl around next week!

marythemom said...

"You know what is even better than a pillow, a Mom" - My baby boy (age 11) is cuddled up to my shoulder as I read this. Melts my heart!

We recently started using local honey (about a tablespoon a week) and it really seems to be helping the family with seasonal allergies. We were using Zyrtec, but apparently it can trigger manic episodes (most of us are bipolar).

Mary in TX