Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Moments

  • the last week of my life has worn me out.
  • we had our home visit with our social worker today, it was good.
  • we told the boys that we were planning on adopting again and they both reacted well but Fudge says we can only adopt boys.
  • our worker asked some pretty pointed questions that lead me to believe she may kids in mind but maybe not, she might just ask a lot of very specific questions.
  • my house is the cleanest it has been in a very long time.
  • that is a good thing because it really needed to happen.
  • I should be canning but I am waiting for the caffeine to kick in from the coke I just drank.
  • Calvin has an appointment in the city tomorrow at 8:15, that means leaving my house an hour before that, which is early, really early.
  • Megan gave me an award more on that later and by later I mean another day.
  • I spent some of my afternoon looking for a van for us, P's car is on it's last legs and if we wait until it dies then we will not have very many choices. So we should buy something sooner rather than later.
  • when we were at the cottage on the weekend there was a huge storm, lightening hit the phone line, it was a huge storm, we came home early on Sunday rather than late.
  • I have some good posts in my head but I need to find time to write them including one about screaming at my kids for something they did not do.
  • I bought some school supplies today, Fudge is counting the days, 25 he says. I am looking forward to the routine that school offers but I am not looking forward to breaking in new teachers.
  • speaking of not looking forward too, I have to go peel peaches and find something for dinner.

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh my goodness, school starts in 14 days here. I may or may not make it.

Did you see Joelle Hoverson has a new knitting book out? I really like it!

That's cute your son only wants more boys in the house, lol!