Thursday, August 5, 2010

self sabatoage

One of my sons who shall remain nameless, (the one who is younger and whose name rhymes with Pudge), has gone out of his way to ruin his day today. He knew we were going to the waterslides, he new that we had company here, he knew that I would follow through on the consequence that is standard for this behaviour and yet he did it anyway. A year ago I would of said that he did not understand cause and effect but he does now, he knows if x then y. He did it anyway just because he could.

He will be missing out out the waterslides for the better part of the day I imagine but I am taking him along because I am not shelling out the bucks for a sitter and I am not sure I could find someone in an hour. Once he has finished his writing he will be allowed to participate in whatever part of the day is left.

Just before I came upstairs I looked at him and said - I think that you are trying really hard to make me angry with this behaviour, I think that you think that if you make me angry enough I will send you away. ( he started to dissociate, I drew his attention back) I need you to hear that no matter how angry you make me I will not send you away. You can burn down the house and I  will still not send you away because I love you. - It was met with silence, but he heard me, then I smiled and moved on.

I love him but the Chinese water torture might kill me


GB's Mom said...

have been thinking about your boys. I am glad that only one is focused on making you miserable, while the other saves most of his "torture for his Dad. I wonder if it was an unconscious attack plan thought up by the two of them. Just random thoughts. Enjoy the water slides :)

Mama Drama Times Two said...

The nice thing about waterslides and visiting company - both can hide the insidious DRIP DRIP DRIP sound of water least, for a while. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your day.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I expect the torture of doing writing at the water park may just help to turn it around for him. Well, we can hope can't we? Great move btw!

:)De said...

You mentioned the dripping and my PTSD kicked in. LOL!