Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Moments

  • I am on hold with the cell phone company, I am going to get what I want. I am tired and it is Monday and you will not over charge me for my damn cell phone. But they seem to think that I should go back to the store, I hate Rogers.
  • P and I went out last night, I told the boys before I left that they needed to bring the beagle in from her leash after dinner. They didn't. We came home, put them to bed and moved on with our evening, I never even thought about the dog until 2am when I got up to use the bathroom and saw her crate door open... I went outside and there she was, still on her leash in the yard, poor girl.
  • I stopped supervising Fudge in the bathroom last week while he got ready for bed. He wet the bed every night for a week and was insistent that it was not because he was drinking water in the middle of the night. I got wise on Saturday night and put the cups up, his bed was dry. I did the same thing last night and low and behold his bed was dry again. A miracle, nope, just that he can't drink water in the middle of the night as easily when the cups are out of reach. Fudge can not see the logic or that he is totally busted and he is continuing to lie about drinking in the night even though he has admitted to lying twice he now says he was just confused and really he is not lying... the Chinese water torture continues.
  • Calvin had a melt down yesterday afternoon with P, I was reading in our room and I listened for awhile, I heard him escalating, I went and supported P. and then came back upstairs. Calvin continued to escalate, I went back downstairs and brought Calvin upstairs. I walked him into his room and told him that he was acting like a brat, he could accept the consequence from his father or he could go to bed. He said he would accept the consequence ( 1 page of lines). I said good, I want to you sit down, close your mouth and get it down. I was not happy and he knew it. We went downstairs I said to P that he was going to get it done and left again. Then I heard Calvin yelling at P. and then yelling at Fudge. I went back downstairs, brought him upstairs, told him to put his pj's on and go to bed. He did it and then lay in his bed and had a good cry. I came back about an hour later and gave him another chance to finish the lines and move on with the day. He did and he apologised without being asked. It was nothing short of miraculous. Fudge did not do as well, in fact there was much crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth but that is a different story.
  • I am still up to my eyeballs in vegetable from the garden.
  • I got to go out to a birthday party in fancy gallery yesterday without my kids, it was glorious.
  • It rained all night but the sun is out now which means that recess at the school will not be indoor which makes me really happy. I am doing a 2 month gig as a lunch supervisor which is a pain in my ass but it is good to be there and see the boys at the time of day that they both have the hardest time with. The grade 6's have some attitude to spare though and I so could do without it, if my kids ever talked to an adult the way that those kids talk to me and the other staff they would be in more trouble than they could handle.
  • Cubs starts back tonight, Sunday school starts on Sunday, good bye summer, see you in 9.5 months. 
  • Did you know that Orlando is in 170 days. I am not sure if I am going because our lives are little bit up in the air while we wait to have our homestudy finished  but if you do not know about it go and find out because Mama's like us need a break with other Mama's who get it.
  • Closer than that for me and in like 30 days or so is a weekend away from all my boys in NY state at Rhinebeck, if you like fiber it is one of the happiest places on earth. The fiber is good but the friends are even better. If you live in that area and want to get together drop me a line. We are there Friday night to Sunday afternoon and staying Tivoli and I know that at least one of you lives in the city closest to the fairgrounds.
  • I really should get moving as much as I would love to stay and read blogs and comment I really should be doing something with veggies.

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Mama Drama Times Two said...

Oar. Land. Dough. Orlando. Just think - It will recharge your Mommy Batteries. Very important. Especially important if you are updating a homestudy. Tell them it is an international parenting conference and you are one of the guest speakers. So sorry about the gnashng of teeth and insistent harvest of veggies.