Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Moments

  • It's been a day, not a great day, a really long day, it is almost done. That will make me happy.
  • Calvin raged on Saturday while I was out and broke P's toe (again). I am not suprised that he raged as it has been weeks but it was hard for P to deal with alone and then Fudge had a tantrum right after.
  • Fudge is still drinking water ( to make himself wet the bed) at night and saying things to me like " I told Dad so I do not have to tell you anything." He is slowly driving me closer and closer to the edge.
  • I spent most of day peeling apples to  make apple sauce and watching Glee, that made me happy but now I need more Glee to watch.
  • I have plans tomorrow with a friend for mojiotos, that excites me.
  • I cast on a new sweater and now that fall TV is back I am actually knitting again.
  • I learned this week that my parents are coming to visit for 2 weeks in October.
  • I grounded Calvin after his behaviour on Saturday. He knew what he was doing when he raged like that, it was over the rules of scrabble. He is spending a lot of quality time with the books in his bedroom
  • I hate doing dishes almost as much as I hate laundry. I am starting to understand why some families use paper plates. I do not agree with and I am not going to do it but I understand it now.

1 comment:

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ugh, I am so tired of dishes I am going to start to shatter them.

Sucks about the toe! Dang!