Tuesday, September 21, 2010

so done

As Corey would say, Oh  my freaking head!

The behaviour around here had sucked this last week. Calvin has been a brat to P and is some serious trouble over his rage on Saturday which I was not here to witness but I have been told that at one point he was trying to throw chairs at P and P does have a broken toe. Calvin is showing remorse and is being sweet as pie in an attempt to make amends. When I yelled at him yesterday because I was mad at his brother he just took it, apologised and fixed his typical little boy mistake. Amazing progress for him, he is healing his moving on, it is good.

Fudge on the other hand is going to send me to the loony bin. His favourite thing to do is to be defiant by drinking water in the night to make himself wet his bed. We have tried everything from ignoring to punishing to taking things away and charging him for the running of the washer everyday. Nothing has worked. He still drinks water and lies about it even though the evidence is to the contrary and he gets busted each and every time.

Yesterday however takes the cake. His bed was so wet that his pillow was dripping ( gross I know) and yet he was adamant that the only thing he had to drink was a glass of milk at dinner. It was total crap and I knew it but he was adamant. So adamant that he convinced P that it was the truth and then P and I started to argue because I was not letting Fudge off the hook on this one. I made threats about keeping him home to make him tell the truth and P disagreed with me saying that maybe there was something wrong, maybe he was telling the truth. I finally gave in and sent the child to school.

He came home from school and I talked and talked at him about how his choices sucked, he was hurting me and that it did not matter what he did we loved him and he was not going anywhere. He told me liked drinking water and so then we had a whole discussion about how we can not always do the things we like and there are things that I like that I can not do ( we have had this discussion 600 times already). There were a few moments where I got really frustrated but mostly it was a pretty calm discussion. He apologised at dinner after I apologised to Calvin for getting mad at him over nothing important.

I moved on, I thought maybe I was wrong, I thought maybe there was something up that we were missing. I made sure there was no way he could of easily had a drink last night. His bed was wet this morning. The first words out of his mouth were but I didn't have a drink. To make a long story short he admitted that everything he said yesterday was lie.

I was speechless, that is rarity for me. I am past angry, I am so angry that  I am silent because I am afraid that I will say something that I will later regret to the little angel. I can not even wrap my mind around the fact that he would let it all get that far and then all of a sudden admit to it as though it is was the most normal thing ever.

I lied as a kid, lied like a trooper but I remember lying to avoid getting in trouble and I worked hard to keep track of the lies so I would not get caught later. But Fudge is not lying to avoid trouble, he is lying to make trouble and he totally knows what he is doing. Frankly I am not sure that I know what to do about it. A raging child is easy compared to this.

Anyone got anything that has worked with there little monsters angels?


Shauna said...

Make a doctors appointment to rule out anything. maybe at a time he would miss something he would regret missing. Perhaps the dr. could explain skin problems that arise from sleeping in acidic urine...
I realize this isn't the main prob but it might shock him a little and help him rethink.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

I just wrote this long comment and re-read it and realized if I post it, you'll hunt me down like a wounded animal and bring me a pile of your son's wet sheets to wash!!! Suffice it to say that I really was trying to be helpful. Cal who was with us for about 6 months last year was a nite time pee-er. He wore mens pullups and still soaked through the sheets and mattress pads. Nightly. Yuck. Blech.