Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Moments

  • I was so sick last week, 3 days of do nothing at all kind of sick, it sucked.
  • I have been feeling much better, going to the dr.on Friday and getting some antibiotics started to get things moving but this afternoon I am feeling lousy again. I am ready to be healthy any time now.
  • Calvin is going back to Children's tomorrow for another follow up. We went last Tuesday and after blasting him with a double dose of miralax for 3 days the x-ray still showed that he was backed up. His bowel is not impacted but things are not moving through.  We agreed we would try upping the miralax again and then come back this week. I am not to confident that it is going to of worked though and if it looks the same they are going to admit him and see what they can do.
  • Speaking of Calvin he has been testing his limits by breaking as many rules as he can in a stretch until he gets caught. He spent much of his free time this weekend writing affirmations about himself and his family - "My parents love me even when I break the rules." " I do not need to test my parents love by breaking the rules that they make to keep me safe and healthy" I could tell when he did not want to write the next one because he started whining about it, some where much more effective than others.
  • I have 300 perogies in my freezer, I am half way there but I only have 2 weeks left to get 300 more made.
  • I really would like to have a nap this afternoon.
  • I would like to be with the constant testing to see if I am paying attention or how I am going to react, both of the boys could just move on to soemthing new anytime.
  • The weather here is balmy for this time of year. There is a part of me that would like some snow already to cover up the browning grass in the yard.
  • If anyone could tell me how to make my days a little longer without taking away some of my sleeping hours I would be grateful.
  • Off to fold laundry, oh joy oh bliss.


GB's Mom said...

Glad you are feeling better!

BT said...

The testing is fun. The writing affirmations is a good idea. We have P reading all his "lies and truths" a lot right now. Maybe I will get him to write out some of them, although he seems to benefit from reading them.

What flavour perogies are you making? B chose mushroom perogies as his bday dinner in late October. So delicious.

We have snow -- it's gorgeous fluffy and light and shovelling it was actually a pleasure. Wish we could send you a snowball.

If anyone figures out the making the day longer thing, I will pay a bundle for the information!

Anonymous said...

We have snow here and cold to go with it. And I am nothing if not generous so feel free bring your truck over and load up on the white stuff. :)