Wednesday, November 24, 2010

He is doing ok.

I tweeted yesterday about being at Children’s Hospital with Calvin and waiting for an adult to come into the room and tell me what to do. I continue to be caught off guard by the fact that I am the adult. Me, just me. I have to argue with the residents and the doctors, I have to advocate for my kid and I have to convince the snotty night nurse that indeed he is not withholding poop on purpose.

Calvin and I have had a very long 36 hours. We came to Children’s yesterday knowing that they might admit us and low and behold they did. We did not get a lot of information as we began our afternoon but as time wore on things became a little clearer and to make a long story short we are here to try to deal with some of Calvin’s poop issues as everything tried at home was not getting us anywhere.

My little man has an NG tube and an IV and he is behaving like the bravest little boy I have ever met. We are pumping him full of Miralax and I mean full to actually empty his bowel out once and for all. It is working but it is taking a lot longer than anyone thought and we are here for our second sleepless night. Last night was awful because Calvin’s roommate whined and cried all night long and none of us slept. Then we had a really long day full of poking and prodding and arguing with residents and absent surgeons about plans and options.

Calvin has held it all together and not actually had a meltdown yet. He has had a few rude moments but I can only imagine how crappy he must feel and how hard this all must be him.

Fudge is home with P and N ( our temporary teenager, another story for another day) and he to is handling it all pretty well.

I just spoke to the nurse who is concerned that they are hitting Calvin to hard with the meds and has had them reduced. Which might mean less poop but might not given how much is already in his system. This is going to be a really long night.

That all being said though things are going as well as they could given what is going on and hopefully by the end of all of this we will be able to move one from all the poop issues because that would be so, so nice.

PS excuse the lack of coherence I am exhausted.

PPS the hospital has blogs blocked on the free wifi so I can not comment but I am reading in my reader while I am here .


Sara said...

Hospitals suck, however necessary they are at times. Hang in there.

Joe said...

Drinking a glass of wine and thinking of you... It is a good thing you are tough! {{{hugs}}}

waldenbunch said...

You are being an awesome advocate and mom for your child. He is lucky and I pray one day he will be able to thank you for it. One more day closer to healing!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh no, poor little guy! I hope it all comes out while he's there.

I know what you mean about being the adult. Sometimes I am asked a question and I feel like I should turn to the adult in charge for the answer, lol!

Chloes Mom Mary said...

Prayers that this helps get things cleared up for Calvin. P&PTs that you and Calvin will soon be home.

Hang in there!

BT said...

We're supposed to be the adults? I still feel like I'm 15 years old most of the time.

Thinking of you lots. Hang in there, and I'm hoping it all comes out.

Can't believe they blocked blogs on you.