Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards Made Easy

Oh Christmas how I love thee,Oh Christmas cards how I do not love thee as much.

I have tried and tried over the years to get my Christmas cards out to people I love in a reasonable amount of time. I have joked about them being New Years Cards and some years they have been sent in time for valentines day. I love the idea and I hate the process, every year I say I am going to get it together and every year I fail.

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Integrity Singer said...

i used to be a card junkie - spent much time on them. Was usually the first one to get them out and I'd get so excited to see what I'd get back. I always got back fewer cards than I sent out.

then last year happened with Sissy at RTC and I just wasn't in an emotional place to send out cards. So I didn't. And I got maybe 10. (I typically sent out 60 or more)

I was so disappointed to discover that I was only getting love if I sent it that it has ruined my christmas card love altogether.

Anonymous said...

I got mine out this year! YAY!