Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Moments

  • Fudge is home wheezing today, he seems healthy except for the fact that poor boy can not breathe, he is on prednisone and using his puffer 6 or so times a day and hopefully this gets better and not worse.
  • It is Saint Nicholas day which means that my kids got movies, books, chocolates and oranges in their boots this morning. Fudge and I are watching Home Alone movies and enjoying a sick day together.
  • I discovered that Calvin is continuing to sneak food and candy ( hidden and leftover from Halloween). After I managed to stop my head from exploding I sat him down and talked to him about his behaviour. We had a good conversation about being loved and about how he is never going anywhere even though that is still a very real fear for him. I know he is healing because he can have these conversations with me and we can actually get somewhere other than just a raging kid. He will be spending a lot of time with me this week and I had originally said no Saint Nicholas day but I decided that I could not follow through with that.
  • Calvin got a note from Saint Nicholas that said he only got gifts because he was out of coal this year and perhaps next year he could leave him chocolate as well provided that he followed his families rules but if not he would be sure to have more coal with him.
  • After a busy few weeks I am looking forward to a few days with a lot less to do outside of the normal stuff.
  • The laundry piled up last week and I so need to get on top of it, I thought about sending my kids to school in their pj's but I decided against it, they might get teased.

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