Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Moments

  • Fudge is sleeping outside my bedroom door. Calvin is in their room on his own and was gifted with a door alarm and baby monitor. Can you say "Christmas is coming and I'm really stressed and I'm going to show you with my behaviour" I can and I keep singing it to them. I get they are stressed but you still need to stay in your bed and not be prowling around the house in the middle of the night when they know that their parents are fast asleep and that their mother had a migraine so she is really, really asleep.
  • Calvin got kicked off the bus on Friday, now I have to drive the angel both ways, lucky me. He is doing extra chores to make up for it.
  • I have to go to the dentist today and get a tooth filled. I still have one lone baby tooth and it broke last week.  I am thankful that they can fill it because replacing it would be costly.
  • I am feeling like I should probably do so baking, not tons or anything but at least a little bit so we have something to take places.
  • I have almost everything done for our Christmas and for the Christmas hampers that we purchase. I must say that the perogie party this year was a huge success and I think that the families we are helping will really appreciate it.
  • I wish that we did not need to provide this kind of help for others and that everyone had enough.
  • I also wish that I could drink eggnog lattes in July, I love eggnog lattes.
  • In other good news, the ground is finally all frozen and has been for a few days and that means I no longer have to pump my basement.
  • We are trying to make an ice rink in our front yard for the boys, the slope of the land is not helping at all and the teenager and I are frustrated to say the very least.
  • The teenagers other digs are ready so he will be moving on after Christmas. It has been good to have him but I am looking forward to less dirty dishes lying around and more milk in my fridge.


:)De said...

"less dirty dishes and more milk in fridge" is always a good thing. I just got a new camera system that was pretty costly. Hope yours gives you peace of mind.


Michelle, Dave & Babes said...

Oh sleep issues. How do you deal with them. My son (here over a year), doesn't sleep well in his own room. Heightened anxiety. Our rule is that on school nights you can sleep in Mom & Dad's room, but on other nights, you're in your own bed. Doesn't always work (not so much us giving in, but him screaming for hours at a time), but I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.