Thursday, December 23, 2010

move along

You can move along as there is nothing to see here, well except some pictures of the reasons that I am not blogging. We keep Christmas pretty simple and I am feeling overwhelmed, I could not imagine how I would feel if we made a big deal of it!

Cookies for teachers and staff at the school
The beginnings of mushroom gravy and kutia fora tradtional Ukrainian Christmas Eve meal with friends at church
Christmas hampers that need to be delivered today.
Pausing in the busyness to work on attachment with Calvin, he has been asking to paint them for days. I made time last night and then I painted his. Fudge thinks we are insane, I love that Calvin wanted to do this with me and for me. I will even leaving the nail polish all over my smallest toe.
Dishes, need I say more.
Decorations that the boys made for friends, family and teachers, many still need ribbons.
Wrapping gifts is my least favourite activity. I use a lot of bags and only wrap big things
Laundry, sad that the laundry and the dishes do not take a vacation when there is a lot going on.


Diana said...

Looks about like life at my house. PLEASE post your kutia and mushroom gravy recipes. I made some pretty good kutia last year for Orthodox Christmas and will likely do it again this year. I'd love a good mushroom gravy recipe, though!

tara said...

I think we should join forces, at least on the gift wrapping front! I love wrapping gifts, but don't do a lot of it cause all my presents travel. Next year, I'll just do yours!

K- floortime lite mama said...

I adored this post

Sherman Unkefer said...

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