Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Raging Boy

Calvin is sitting stoned faced across from me, he is mad at the world, he is mad a at me. He is disappointed that I will not send him back and angered by the fact that I am not falling for his old tricks. He threw a cork at me and hit me right in the mouth, he has a good arm and I have a very fat lip. He has rarely hurt me and I know that he did not realize just how very much a cork could hurt when you hit someone in the mouth with it. Regardless of that though he is out control this week and I am so tired of picking up the pieces.

 I am not sure that we will make it alive through the next 9 days till he goes back to school, I have searched ebay for a straight jacket but they seem to be sold out at every shop, perhaps there was a Christmas vacation run on them. Adults everywhere are buying them to so that they can avoid the rest of Christmas vacation.


marythemom said...

Oh you can get straight jackets on eBay?! I've been trying to find a pattern and the time to make one (or 4)!

Mary in TX

marythemom said...

BTW is the jacket for you or your son? The post wasn't clear! *grin*

Mary in TX

GB's Mom said...

Hope things calm down :)

BT said...

Oh man. We've so been there in past years. I know the exact look you mean...

I can offer you hope. We have had progressively smoother Christmas every year. (It is a complicated season for us because it falls smack in the middle of a bunch of trauma anniversaries, plus is followed by P's bday two weeks later, and this year my dad died on Dec 4.) This was by far our best Christmas so far -- the time leading up, the actual day, and -- so far, knock wood -- the aftermath. Not perfect, mind you, but definitely everything mostly under control and none of those looks! Keep doing what you are doing, and you will get there.

In the meantime, do you have anything he/they can punch? Any other ways for them to do some seriously strenuous activity? Lug heavy rocks across the yard and pile them, that sort of thing? Just something to physically let out that rage and sadness energy.