Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Moments - Christmas coma edition

  • I woke up sick on Friday and by Christmas morning I was past  miserable, this is the 2nd bug to hit me hard so far this winter, I blame being at the school every day.
  • That being said Christmas was all pretty quiet and we had to miss out on our plans for last night.
  • Those of you who know in real life or follow me on twitter had to listen to me whine about how awful I was feeling. I am still not feeling great.
  • My Christmas cards from Shutterfly still are not here, why the hell was shipping 19 dollars if they left there on the 13th and still on not here on 27th, that is 2 weeks people. That means that there were 10 actual delivery days for them to get here, how the hell did they send them? Perhaps an elderly polar bear is involved because there is little else that would move this slowly.
  • The Wango Tango ( I believe that is a trademarked term and I am using it without permission) is thinking about visiting. My therapeutic parenting voice has kept it at bay with Calvin although he is pretty pissed at me.
  • I did not use my therapeutic mama voice with Fudge tonight when the exhausted boy admitted to continuing to drink water at bedtime, instead I made him drink a whole glass of water because if he wants to be wet he may as well be really, really wet. I have been really good about not engaging him in this battle but I hit the wall tonight after a long day.
  • Not only is he drinking water at bedtime he has also discovered that he can get around washing his hands after he uses the toilet by just squirting soap on them. I should say he had discovered it, then he got busted tonight, then I found out about the water drinking. This was hard on the heels of me having a great afternoon with him, just the 2 of us as Calvin was in trouble ( why, oh yeah for sneaking more candy and destroying new toys on purpose)... yes I see the pattern, I know where the behaviour came from and yes I still yelled at him. Is it going to make him stop, I doubt it.
  • I am pretty tired of the angry, sneaking, lying, thieving children that I have and I would be happy if it ended anytime now, the behaviour that is.
  • I also could do with the ability to breathe easily, that would be nice as well.
  • I must say having a door alarm means that it is really hard for Calvin to sneak around when he has been sent to his room.
  • I had Calvin admit that he was angry at me before he went to bed tonight, it took awhile but he did it and then went to bed well, after I yelled at Fudge I reigned it in and found my therapeutic parenting pants again. Good thing or it might of been a long night.
  • A dear friend of ours died yesterday. There are a lot of crummy priests out there whom the world will not miss when they die but there are also some amazing ones and sadly we have lost a fabulous priest, a great teacher and an amazing man. I am not sure where or when the funeral is going to be but I have to add explaining this to my kids... not today that is for sure.
  • A long night is not at all what I want so I am going to bed now.

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