Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Moments

  • I took my kids to cub camp this weekend and neither of them got in trouble for hurting another kid, I think that is the first time that has happened. I am thrilled
  • They both got sulky but other adults handled it and I only hollered at Fudge once (as we were walking) down the road to snap out of as he was ramping it up while another adult tried to calmly talk him through a minor conflict. Upon hearing me from the front of the group he stomped his little foot, crossed his arms, muttered sorry, made his angry face and walked on, not ideal but good enough.
  • They both continue to be in excellent moods and are remaining regulated and respectful. I will enjoy every stinking minute of it while it lasts.
  • 45 days till Orlando, I have a ticket and I have childcare arranged and I past excited. Wanna come? Corey posted this morning that there in an option for another villa but she needs to have 5 woman committed and she only has 3, so she can't book it yet. If you have been thinking about and sitting on the fence about coming, get off the fence and book yourself a plane ticket, but tell Corey before you do.
  • Thanks for all the support on the last post, depression is really hard and it is something that we do not talk about enough. I will talk about it more because it needs to be said and others need to know that they are not alone.
  • I have been painting my hallway to create an office space, it looks great and it is making me so happy.
  • I have a teaching day booked tomorrow, a few more pennies to pay for that plane ticket that is sitting on my visa card waiting to be paid for.
  • Sometimes the system really sucks. One of my dearest friends is trying to leave an abusive relationship and it is really hard to watch the system support the abuser and not the victim.
  • My paint can is calling, gotta go.

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