Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Moments

  • First things first, my friend and I spent some time together, I asked for a number between 1 and 7 and I got 4, then I asked again and got 4 about 6 more times before I got finally got a 6. So that means that Rhinannon and BT are now the proud owners of some great little cards. I will try to get them in the mail as soon as I can. Shoot me and email at the stellarparenting address over there on the left with your snail mail address and I will try to do it this week.
  • I will do it this week if my days are not consumed by Calvin and his mysterious leg pain. We spent a few hours at children's hospital yesterday because he was complaining pretty badly about leg/hip pain. He did not do anything to really cause it outside of normal little boy stuff but it was clearly really bothering him so I took him in. They ruled out all the really horrible things that it could be and sent us home saying that if it not better in a couple of days to come back. He is good as long as he does not move or try to straighten out his leg, or walk, or move suddenly in any way, so he is better as long as he is lying in his bed on his mattress... which I had to put on the floor cause he has a loft bed.
  • He stayed home today and will be home tomorrow, good thing I said no to that teaching day when they asked me last week.
  • I am still working on painting the hallway, a few things have gotten in my way and I have not had as much time as I hoped I would but I am getting there slowly but surely.
  • Orlando is 24 days! Not that I am counting or anything.
  • I got nothing else for you, I could whine about Fudge working hard to drive me around the bend but I don't feel like whining about it so I won't, well I guess I just sort of did...


Lisa said...

Hoping Calvin's leg feels better soon.

GB's Mom said...

MK had a similar problem at 12. The Hospital of Special Surgery in Manhattan, diagnosed her with SCFE- Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis. They said walking on it made it worse. She was diagnosed at nine in the morning and in surgery by 3 pm. Procedures vary by how much the hip is dislocated.

I hope you find answers soon.

Sarah said...

Good luck! Hope he feels better!

BT said...

Hoping Calvin's leg returns to normal soon. And so happy for you that your countdown is down to 24 (now 23!) days!!

roztime said...

Hope you have Calvin's leg figured out soon - sounds frustrating.

Thinking of you as I also attempt to paint our hallway..