Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seasons of Love (giving things away!)

Yes I love them, sometimes my children make it really hard to tell them that I love them and that I will always love them but I do and I will. I try to find fun ways to remind them that they are loved and cherished by me (and their Dad too). I have mailed them love letters, made them bracelets, given them gifts on mothers days, put love notes in their lunches, put positive affirmations on their bedroom, bought candies with love messages on them and put them on their breakfast plates, whispered it in their ear when they are least expecting it. My goal is always to make them feel cherished and special.

This week I found that Hallmark has taken my ability to tell my kids I love them to a new place with these amazing little cards that are meant for a variety of things but I am going to use them to remind my kids they are loved. They have these great little packages of 4 cards one of which is meant for Valentines day and the rest are just cards that tell kids they are great. I am building a stash of them because I know they will leave stores soon and I think that they will be great to have around to remind my boys just how great they are.

I thought that I would share some with you too. If you want a package of these great little cards leave me a comment, any old comment will do but you will get brownie points if you share one way that you express love to your kiddos. I'll pick randomly pick 2 comments on Monday, Feb. 7th and send you out 4 pack of these great cards.

Disclaimer - no one gave me nothing for this, it's all just me wanting to share with you. If Hallmark wanted to send me a stack of free stuff I would not be broken hearted but I doubt it is going to happen.


Lisa said...

J loves and adores cards. Thank you for the heads up on them. My favorite thing is to wrap caramels in love notes and hide them all over her room, in her shoes, pockets, etc. She loves it!

GB's Mom said...

I just bought a big bag of I love you hearts candy today! I give them one if I catch them being kind, considerate, responsible, having a great smile, or for no reason at all. I started it 23 years ago with my first family and it is something that is always looked forward to.

Tonight we celebrated the Chinese New Year. We swept all the floors, wore red, ate dumplings, and finished off by chasing the bad spirits away by banging pots and lids with table spoons. The more family traditions, the better.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

The Other Mother likes spending special time with the kids or little sweet treats. I like braggin' about them to their social workers or The Other Mother when they are able to hear the braggin. I don't think our foster children always believe it when we say nice stuff directly to them - but if we are saying it to other people, then their hearts can hear the good things we say.

BT said...

I love those cards, and boy do P and B love getting Love Notes from me (and M).

One little thing I do to show my boys I love them is: Every day they start their day with a banana. I put the bananas one the table the night before, and I always write each boy a note on his banana using a sharpie. (It doesn't go through the skin!) I have been doing this for more than 3 years now and have almost never missed a morning, and have tried not to repeat any of my messages. P and B love getting to the table to see what their bananas say each morning, and the messages have gotten to advance with their reading skills, so it's also been a fun way to add vocabulary and that sort of thing. But the main purpose is for them to start their day with a little love message from me.

It's occurring to me that this maybe sounds totally nutty.

Michelle, Dave & Babes said...

We used a vocabulary lesson yesterday to share love. His word of the day at school was adore. So I made sure to use the word all night to tell him how much I adore him.

Rhiannon said...

Since we've only had our foster kids for less than 2 weeks this is somewhat new. This week I started telling them love you and this morning I got a giant Love you back as I was leaving for work.

mom2spiritedboy said...

While cleaning out a cupboard one day (a rare a momentous event for sure) I came across some Crayola window writer markers that we had received as a promotion while buying other products.
I wrote on each of their windows a heart with "I love you - mom" and they both loved it more than I ever thought. So now I leave "love notes" on windows and mirror's randomly.