Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Moments - Good news, Bad News.

  • Good News - I have a glass of red wine beside me and a sweet boy hanging off my shoulder (now he is gone and I can talk about him)
  • Bad News - I do not have jelly beans in my hand or in my mouth.
  • Good News - Calvin had an MRI and lots of blood work today.
  • Bad News - We do not have any answers from any of it because the clock ran out on the clinic hours at the hospital when the MRI department got behind although docs did stay late to talk to us about next steps and theories about what is causing his pain.
  • Good News - We have some ideas of what is going and think that is juvenile arthritis which may or may not get better
  • Bad News -We have some ideas of what is going and think that is juvenile arthritis which may or may not get better.
  • Good News - they gave him a prescription for anti-inflammatories
  • Bad News - they might not be strong enough to help.
  • Good News - If it is arthritis there is no reason that I can not go to Orlando on Friday, P can handle it all.
  • Bad News - If the hospital calls tomorrow ( or the next day) and tells us to come back it will mean that they saw something else on the MRI and that may screw with my Orlando plans.
  • Good News - I have amazing friends who do not mind be woken up at 7 am and being asked to watch my child ALL DAY.
  • Bad News - I had to call said amazing friend and ask her to watch my son all day because it was a snow day, we have had 3 snow days all winter and today had to be one of them and there was no way I was taking both boys to the hospital all day.
  • Good News - Calvin only had one melt-down during one of his exams, I managed to calm him although the doctor was a little shocked, probably by both his behaviour and my response to it ( which was calm but no nonsense)
  • Bad  News - During said meltdown he threw books at the doctor.
  • Good News - My ADHD kid made it through a 65 minute MRI without being sedated although he didi ask for me to be in the room and so I was.
  • Bad News - They said it would only take 30 minutes, insert stressed and worrying Mama about why it took so long.
  • Good News - It is time for bed, the children are in bed, the dogs are fed and I can hear my pillow calling.
  • Bad News - My bed is all the way at the other end of the house and I have to get off my butt and walk all the way down there.


Diana said...

oi yoi yoi. Never ends, does it?? Hoping you get some answers ASAP, find something that will work for the poor guy, and can make it to Orlando.

Lisa said...

Ditto to Diana! Hoping the meds help.

KJ DellAntonia said...

Sounds like the goods are at least giving the bars a run for their money.

Sarah said...

oh, my. Good for you for remembering to look at the positives, and hoping you find some answers soon!

GB's Mom said...

Don't forget your class of wine :)