Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Really you think that about me?

It always amazes me when I hear things about my blog from people who read it but do not know me in real life. I mean I write mostly because it is cathartic for me and because I think that sharing with other parents about our adoption and parenting journey can be helpful. I never really spend to much time thinking about it unless I have not been blogging for awhile and then I feel like I need to post something. But you know, I post when I can and write about whatever is going on that day or week, it's just my life. Perhaps that is why I was so surprised last night when I opened my Stellar Parenting email account and read that I had been given and award and that they had this to say about lil ol' me
" Stellar Parenting 101: Get tips, suggestions, and tested and proven approaches to adoptive parenting from this mom who adopted two boys from the foster care system after they had both endured traumatic and bumpy starts to life."

They broke the link to the badge and asked me to remove it... 


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...


That is awesome!

K- floortime lite mama said...

Congrats !!
your blog really has a lot of fantastic info for someone adopting and is enjoyable for others who are not

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Nice! We think you are pretty nifty, too!

BT said...

So deserved!

marythemom said...

Congrats! Hope this award helps to fight those grouchies.

Mary in TX