Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Moments.

  • Calvin is alternately better and worse, there is no rhyme or reason to it at this point. I wish I had answers.
  • We are still waiting for a refferal but we did get him crutches on Saturday morning and that is helping with his ability to get around.
  • Orlando is in less than 2 weeks away and that is totally keeping me going.
  • Fudge is driving me crazy with his constant poking at me with a stick behaviours.
  • I am exhasuted and grouchy today, there was no school, I need school tomorrow.
  • I made fruit crisp for desert, that helped with the grouchy Mama syndrome, so did a nice glass of red.
  • That is all I have, I might go knit it front of the tv with a movie or I might just go to sleep... oh the choices.


KJ Dellantonia said...

Hmm...sleep is good, but it makes tomorrow come so FAST...

Sarah said...

I hope there was school and you are less grouchy! We have NO SCHOOL ALL WEEK and I am also grouchy about it. 10 more days!

Acceptance with Joy said...

My nephew had real hip troubles...
ironically his name is Jacob (if you think of the Bible Jacob you'll get my drift.)
Anyway, turns out he had perthes. It's so much better now. Just had to mention it because it was like you describe painful to walk and sometimes it was worse than other times.