Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I got nothing to say but other people do

Well that is not true I have a lot of things but nothing I can really articulate this morning. I am not sure why but I am just not in the mood to write today so instead I am going to send you other places because there are other people who are way more in the mood to write than I am and some who just need a little love.

Adoption Magazine is a new Canadian Adoption Blog that is looking to fill in some of the huge gaps in connecting Canadians to great adoption resources. They are reposting some things from here, pop over and see them.

The Lark's Nest is doing a great monthly panel with some fabulous foster Mamas.

Because we are not alone on this journey go and give these Mamas some love, it has been a long week in their homes - GB's Mom, Sarah, Mama Drama, The Other Mama

Before the fabulous Megan left for Hawaii ( which was a flying nightmare and took way to long) she wrote this great post about being gay and christian, go read it, then come back and read some other things.

Are you a member at, if not and you want to try it out ( great resources and ideas in their newsletters and other stuff you can only access as a member) it is half price for the rest of their fiscal year which means from now till July you can be a member for 27.00

There is a great article on Early Attachment: Leaving it's Mark Across the Lifespan on a great new resource that I found through a friend. Friends are good like that

Claudia's book Out if Many, One Family is now available on the Kindle

If you have not seen it yet head over to Christine's blog and read then letter that Brenda wrote for other grandparents, then share it with the appropraite family members

If you live in or near the Toronto area the Attachment Association of Canada is having a conference in May and Daniel Hughes is the main presenter. I am trying to line up childcare so P and I can both go, so far it is not working but I will keep trying.
I have to go be productive now... I know, I know it sucks.

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Thanks so much J. It's appreciated!