Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Moments -great things said by my children

  • It was March Break this week. There was a tantrum or rage or crying boy
  • Do I need to say that it exhausted me.
  • But I did hear lots of amazing healing things from them from them over the week and today I am about focusing on the positive.
  • Mom, I don't sleep because I am scared that you are going to go away and leave me while I am sleeping.
  • I try to make others feel mad so that they can feel like I do inside.
  • I steal and lie because I want to you send me away, I want to go back to my birth mom.
  • I am sorry that I make you feel angry sometimes.
  • My brother is not being sensitive to my needs ( which just makes me laugh!)
  • I am calmer, can you hug me now?
  • You are making feel angry and I am going to hit you now( that would be the cue to run like the wind if you are the one being spoken to, cause if he hits you it is going to hurt)
  • He makes me so angry that I want to make him feel angry to.
  • I am mean to people so that they will know how I feel when they tease me.
It was a long week but there was oh so much growth, it could get easier anytime now though, I'd be okay with that.


GB's Mom said...

Here's hoping! It could get easier at anytime here too(But I am not holding my breathe) :)

Last Mom said...

Those are great comments! I feel like we are having growth with our girl, too. Only moms of kids with trauma would be excited about their kid vocalizing things like, "I want to make you so mad that you send me away and I don't have to live in a family anymore." and "I act as bad as I can so you get mad and yell at me that way it is easier for me not to love you."