Friday, March 4, 2011

Thinking about you

As I type I am sitting on a plane heading to Orlando to spend the weekend with a gaggle of woman who are just like me. They are mothers who have made a conscious choice to parent kids from hard places, kids who have endured more in their short lives than anyone should ever endure, kids who are sometimes really hard to love.

And yet we do.

We love our children and we are committed to helping them heal and grow. But it is hard and lonely and sometimes it feels hopeless. Some days it feels as though there is no end in sight to the tantrums and the anger and pee in places it should not be.

Somedays it feels as though you are all alone.

You are not alone, you are not the only one and I know just how very hard it is to feel as though no one else understands. I understand, I get it.

I feel so very privileged to be on this plane at this moment and so very thankful to of the amazing people who have made it possible.

Even if you are not on your way to Orlando today know that you're not alone on this journey.

Know that although parenting your children is really, really hard it is worth it, you are brave and amazing and I admire your strength, courage and beauty.

As Corey says, you are not alone.


The Lundys said...

Can't wait to meet you!

Acceptance with Joy said...

have fun!!!

KO said...

So glad to have read this. Having just completed and 1.5 hour tantrum w/ our 5 yr. old daughter from china.

We have family visiting, and they think she is just adorable. Yeah, that is part of the problem!

Hope Orlando is great.

Ian & Ruby said...

Have a really GREAT weekend. You deserve the break, and I hope you get lots of ideas to support you through this journey. ONE DAY you will look back and know it was worthwhile.