Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Moments

  • Our weekend was great, 3 days of reasonably well-regulated boys.
  • Lots of friends and good food.
  • This morning there was a huge water fight after church - lots of fun.
  • Then Calvin decided to tell Fudge that the Easter Bunny and Santa were not real.
  • All hell broke loose.
  • My afternoon was spent dealing with Calvin's anger and rage.
  • It took 6 hours.
  • Then Fudge had a meltdown and cried as though he was the star in operatic tragedy.
  • I only had 2 glasses of wine.
  • I did eat the rest of the lindt Easter eggs though and that helped.
  • I am looking forward to a nice hot bath.
  • Sadly our week will continue to be a bit chaotic as Calvin has a MRI scheduled for Wednesday.
  • Oh the joy of holidays.
  • I must say that I am happy that all tantrums were saved till this afternoon, it was easier that way and we all know that my kids are all about making my life easier - right - wink, wink, nudge, nudge.


Sarah said...

So happy they made it through the holiday! and so sorry about the day after crazies! *hugs*

KJ DellAntonia said...

It's just so much easier when they all wait and break down at once, right? Yeah, right. Really.

Now seems like a good time for your boys to suddenly get it to me, too. Wishing you that. And mine could get that there is no actual competition to be the first to drink all the tea in the pot or eat all the chips in the bag, and a whole lot of other stuff, too. But: not.

GB's Mom said...

Only two glasses of wine for a six hour rage? Should be illegal :(

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

No Calvin, NO! Awwwww, that stinks! In my house, it's Teena who is like, really Mama? Down the chimney? Genea, she doesn't even want to question it. She has the sense to care more about the result than the source, lol.