Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Moments

  • The fallout from mothers day and my time away came late this week. It was sly and sneaky, it caught me off guard. We dealt with it, we have moved on. 
  • Well mostly. 
  • I had a busy day but I feel like I got little accomplished unless you count getting my goggle reader to say that I now have less than 100 unread posts as opposed to hundreds I had before this morning. 
  • I also bought milk and made risotto for dinner. I made risotto last night too, Calvin had a tantrum over eating it so I made it again tonight - 2 can play at that game. 
  • We went to a great wedding and i was told by more than one parent that I was to strict, this was after my child got caught sneaking/stealing food 3 times after he had been told not to and was sitting at his table till he was ready to apologise. Luckily for the do-gooder parents ( all of whom are friends of mine) they backed off when I said too and I did not have to get all mean.
  • Ukrainian weddings are long but they are tons of fun and I danced the night away with my friends and throughly enjoyed myself except for when my kids where misbehaving. 
  • It is freezing here, I had to turn the heat back on. 
  • It is also raining, lots and lots of rain which makes it harder to plant. If it is warm I will plant in the rain but raining and cold is miserable. 
  • I missed a call from the Dr. office, they were calling to discuss Calvin last test results which probably means that he still has roundworm, oh joy, oh bliss. Hopefully I will actually get to speak to her tomorrow. 
  • It's time to go to bed, I am tired. 
  • I am so happy that there are only 2 more weeks of cubs, I love the lack of evening things in the summer. 


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ugh, I put my heat on too. Of course, I am a cold weinie.

I can imagine the boys were sorely tempted at the wedding and I can just picture the well meaning people interfering. I hate when they say, oh come on Mom, let her have whatever it's a special occasion. Grrr.

Michelle, Dave & Babes said...

We had supper at my folks place this weekend, and my uncle was there. I'm working off the assumption that he's going deaf and just didn't hear me when I told my son -- once again, that he had to eat the food that he served himself. If he had told him one more time that "It's ok." I was ramping things up.