Sunday, June 22, 2008

Done - now with pictures

Done it is all done! The homestudy was signed off on Friday, they think that we are sane enough to be parents ( tee hee, us sane!) and we met with the boys foster parents to set up a transition schedule, they will be moving in at the end of July - very exciting. In order to get the home study finished I have been running around getting things done and they are all done! Yippee for us.
Pillows have been made, every house needs yarn themed pillow cases.

The boys room is finished - it was a lot of work
Quilt covers are sewn
A TV room was created
The carpet has been removed and the stairs painted
The yarn storage facility is finally all organised - some of the grey drawers have been replaced with bins with lids though - no moths are welcome here.
The front flower bed has all these great plants that attract butterflies, this one lingered for quite awhile yesterday
This is Bella, looking like an old man, she does it well. She is so the 4th - there are almost no pictures of her
Oh and the garden is finally all in, most of it has been in for awhile but yesterday and today I got the last 2 beds planted. I love eating from our garden, we have lettuce and spinach at the moment with lots of other great things just around the corner.
Okay that's all I have for you today, no knitting around here at all for quite some time although I am hoping to get Jeanie finished sooner rather then later and there are some socks that are on the go and some that are finished and waiting for fall to arrive. I'll save that for another post though

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