Thursday, November 26, 2009


So we are branching out for our advent calendar around here and there will be no chocolate consumed on a daily basis. I got these boxes on clearance at the craft store, they are supposed to be for wedding favours. I bought some stickers at the dollar store to decorate them and I will tie a string around each one to keep tempted fingers out while I am not looking.

Each box has a toy and a message for the day in it, they all say different things and this years toy is lego, there is lots of new lego and that will make for happy boys.
The picture is not very clear here but this one says  - We are putting up our Christmas Tree today, I think it will be lots of fun, let's find your decorations from last year. - I tried to make the messages directed towards the days activities but somedays they just say things like - today is Tuesday and I hope you remember that I love you. - My goal was to create attachment with both boys and to help reduce Fudge's anxiety as  he is constantly concerned about what is coming next and so we rarely tell him anything until it is about to happen ( that also means Calvin can't ruin it before it happens) . Anway I am looking forward to seeing how they react to the calendar but I will have to wait till next week!


Lisa said...

What a fabulous idea!!!! Totally stealing it.

We have to the same thing about telling things in advance. J can now handle knowing things in advance but K can't. Now we can't tell J because she'll tell K. Sometimes it's normal letting the cat out of the bag and sometimes it just for torture. :)

Shanti said...

SO cute! Hope your Thanksgiving was fun!!

Shauna said...