Monday, November 23, 2009

a musical

Set: modest family home
Cast: Mother, Father, Son and assorted extras (teachers. therapists, social workers)

 Act 1 - Liberated Liars featuring the songs "Lie when I want To" and "Imagine"

Stage is set to bedroom scene
Boy enters stage left and begins to sing

It's my life and I'll lie if I want,
lie when I want to,
lie when I want to,
you would lie too if it happened to you

Nobody knows why I lie to my Mom
But I do it all the time
Why does she not understand
that it's supposed to be fine

It's my life and I'll lie if I want,
lie when I want to,
lie when  I want to,
you would lie too if it happened to you

Then all my stories keep crashing around 
But I still refuse to admit
That those who love me are right
lying is no way to win

Mother enters stage right and begins to sing in reply, looking towards the boy lovingly

Imagine you were honest,
it's easy if you try
no lies between us
around us only love
Imagine each moment
living with the truth

They may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join me,
And our family will live as one.

Stay tuned for the songs from the following acts

Act 2 Defiant and Proud

Act 3 - We can be rude too (aka burping and farting on command)


Lisa said...

Excellent play! One I'm very familiar with. Oy. Can't wait to read the next scene.

Shauna said...

Love it! I may have already seen scene 3!