Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Moments

  • It snowed last night for the first time, there is only a little snow but Fudge was excited anyway.
  • I have 85 people coming to my house on Saturday for perogies and Christmas tress, the trees take care of themselves but I still have about another 150 perogies to make and put in the freezer with the 250 that are already there. I love doing this party (it is for charity) but it is a lot of work.
  • I have an eggnog latte, that makes me happy
  • I sent Fudge to school today looking rather amusing, Calvin has a matching snowsuit, well sort of and Fudge got stuck with a brown coat, blue snowpants ( last years still fit) and red boots that were meant for Calvin but were on the small side and so Fudge got them and Calvin got new ones - Fudge will be easy to spot in a crowd with that outfit on though.
  • The boys are ramping up for Christmas, the chatter is driving me insane.
  • We got report cards this week and some small people are doing amzingly well at school... the IEP's help but still they are keeping up pretty well.
  • I have an appoitment tomorrow that I so do not have time for and I think I should cancel it, perhaps I should call and tell them I have the flu and then I could cancel it without being charged...
  • The boys and I made fudge and gingerbread men on the weekend, well Fudge and I made fudge while Calvin sat in his room for trying to get his brother in trouble and then lying to me. Every word that comes out of that child's mouth lately is a lie, he has always lied a lot but he is lying more now than ever before. Calvin got to help with the gingerbread though ( after he apolgised) because I am not that mean.
  • We have dentist appoitments today, I don't have time for them ( see bullet 2 about 85 people at my house) but we are going.
  • I went to some great adoption stuff last week, more on that later.
  • I really have to go and make perogies, the fact that I bought season 2 of Private Practice to watch while I am making them helps.


Lisa said... I would love a "little" snow.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Do you seriously make perogies???? I am SO IMPRESSED! We have a family recipe that my mom and sister use, it takes 2 days to make them. They have kasha and cheese and onion in them. Mmmmmm!
How far do you live from Wisconsin?

J. said...

oh Essie, you make me laugh, I live far away, well in the Ottawa Valley but should you feel like a road trip i guess you could drive this far. Yes I make perogies from scratch each and every Christmas for this party and then for Christmas and then I make cherry ones for my birthday most years. I use potato and cheese when I am making this many but I make them with onion sometimes too but I have never put kasha in them but I love it so that might be good.

K said...

wow how impressive - you are doing charity work - in addition to taking care of two small children
SO glad to hear how welll they are doing

Mama Drama Times Two said...

OK you had me at Perogies... YUMMMM. Seriously, 85 people???? WOW.