Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Moments

  • We had an insane number of people in our house on Saturday at they ate every bit of food I had made and then some. We raised lots of money for charity so it was all worth it
  • The boys did really all weekend and aside from one or 2 rotten brother moments they were good as gold
  • I let the boys stay home from school on Friday and we cut down and then put our tree. E. ( little brother) spent the day here and helped and there were no tantrums and no tears. The holiday DVD's helped.
  • I hate it when other people's children come into my house and break toys on purpose, there is just no reason for that. If you think that your child is going to be destructive please do not leave them unsupervised in my playroom and if they do destroy a toy have the guts to say something
  • My life feels calmer now that our party is done, there is still lots going on but it is less stressful.
  • I need to mail christmas presents to the west coast this week or they will never get there in time.
  • We are supposed to get snow this week, lots of snow. It has been nice to be snowless for this long but I knew it would come eventually.
  • I am writing at Hopeful Parents tomorrow.
  • I have a lot of knititng to do and am looking forward to it.
  • I think I am almost finished my Christmas shopping, there are still a few things but nothing to serious.
  • I wish that I could go back to bed but I can't so I guess I should just move on.


Lisa said...

Planning an event takes an amazing amount of energy. Kudos for pulling it off so well.

May a nap be in your future. :)

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Soooo... How were the peirogies??? Hope you are catching up on some well deserved rest!