Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We have been really busy and Calvin has moved along through all the chaos like a champion and I am so proud of him. ( if you are not interested in listening to me brag move on cause that it what I am going to do).

This time last year I was pulling my hair, he was raging on a daily basis and I was beside myself because I really did not know what to do with him. Christmas was just around the corner and I was dreading the holidays ( and they were tough).  This year I am looking forward to the break from school and the chance to do some fun stuff together that we don't get to do in our busy weeks. I am looking forward to just being with the boys.

We wrote letters to bio mom yesterday, it was a struggle for Calvin as he feels conflicted about loving me and still loving her, his letter was long and rambly. He tried really hard to make sure that he was not saying anything that might make me feel bad - a marked change for him- but yet he was trying not to make her feel bad either which is a tall order for a 9 year old. I was anticpating some fallout after the letter but he handled it beautifully.

Fudge's letter on the other hand was short and to the point, - I miss you but I have moved on -  was pretty much what he said.

But back to Calvin and his great growth - Yesterday after a great therapy session and good afternnon he came over and climbed into my lap and settled in for a good long cuddle and then last night at bedtime he told me we are going to cuddle again today so that I could give him my cold because he doesn't want me to be sick. It was really very sweet.

I love that he is becoming such a great kid, polite and well spoken most of the time. He has moments don't get me wrong but he has come so far. When Christine posted a video of her daughter misbehaving on purpose I was able to show it to him and talk to him about when he behaves like that. He heard what I had to say, responded and then didn't try to get me back for challenging him.

His school concert is this afternoon and it is also Pajama Day ( why they have kids in PJ's for a school sing along I will never understand) and he was all pumped and proud to head to school with his favourite stuffie that his Grandma bought him and his Jonah video to share with his class, a happy kid even though I had just yelled at him for acting like a little boy. 

That being said I must get moving so I make it to the school in time so that I come home and make some yummy artichoke dip to take to a potluck tonight for our county's last PRIDE session. I am the  - you can adopt older children and survive parent -  for the panel discussion because we have some of the oldest kids that have been adopted from care ( especially special since we didi not foster them first)  out here in the great white north.

If more people would adopt kids over 6 there world would be a better place for sure.

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Awwww....this left me in a puddle. Love it!