Sunday, January 3, 2010

an award

and then I will so be done for the day!

The fabulous and wonderful Lisa sent this my way, thanks Lisa, you are inspiring.

The Happy 101 rules are as follows:

List 10 things that make you happy and try to do one of them today. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. For those 10 bloggers who get the award, link back to my blog and create a list of things that make you happy.

  1. My family, both near and far
  2. knitting
  3. reading
  4. my garden and all the yummy organic food
  5. chocolate
  6. good food
  7. virtual and IRL friends
  8. canned pears
  9. a great partner who totally steps up when I am sick
  10. being a Mom
I am supposed to tag people but as usual I did not post this when I got it and it has totally made the rounds, so if you read here, consider yourself tagged because you are fabulous too!


Christine said...

HA! I was reading through my feed reader too quickly, and read that last sentence as:

"consider yourself tagged because you are a fabulous tool"

I really need to slow down.

MomInTheTrench said...

Canned pears? Hah. Sometimes it's the small things.

I just realized you were blogging! I'm following you now though. I'll have to find some time to get caught up with it all, and you just imported more!