Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Moments

  • WTF – word just ate my post. I try to type in word for all sorts of reasons but mostly because our internet is not reliable - stupid Rogers rocket stick – and word just ate a whole post, stupid word.
  • The boys are at school, there was a sigh of relief as they went out the front door in plenty of time to get the bus.
  • It was touch and go because Calvin was committed to making me miserable since he was miserable about having to go to school. He did succeed but only in the last moments because he really worked at it.
  • I have to go get new snow pants today. Calvin has been wearing his since Dec. 8th or so and he has already put holes in them. We had 2 pairs from last year but I like to have an extra pair so I retired one old pair to emergency use, put Fudge in his from last year - which were used to begin with and he is wearing them again this year without putting holes in them – and bought Calvin new ones because he like to be all matchy and look good. I talked to him about them, I told him not to crawl on the concrete at school, I explained that he was only getting one pair. Nothing worked, they are shredded and so I am going to get new one and give them to Fudge. Calvin can wear the old ones and not match, if he burns threw them I will tape them like I did last year. ( I am only getting new ones because the store I got them at has "if your child wears it out before he out grows it policy" so I am just exchanging them.
  • We still have Christmas V2.0 to get through on Wednesday, also known as Ukrainian Christmas. I have lots of cooking to do between now and then. I like cooking though.
  • I am so looking forward to a little peace and quiet before all hell breaks lose when the boys come home.
  • The boys got themselves dressed for church yesterday and they both put on ties, it was so cute.
  • I am ready for winter to be over.
  • Did I mention that the only noise in my house right now is the dryer, oh the silence is beautiful.
  • I am tired of cleaning up pee, I have decreed that no one is allowed to pee standing up in this house anymore and hopefully that will help a bit because I do not think that Fudge is going to stop wetting the bed anytime soon. We have finally managed to get him dry during the day ( for almost a year) but night time is so hit and miss.
  • My latte is cold, again. I have warmed it 3 times already I think I should give up.

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Dia por Dia said...

So happy that you have some quiet. I miss that. Sometimes I get a few minutes in the early morning and late at night but otherwise I just yearn for it.

I had to banish the peeing standing up for quite a while but then I instituted a "wipe-down" bathroom everyday (for awhile it was toilet after each use) and in about a week many of those problems disappeared.

As for peeing in bed...that was/is a whole other issue... :-(