Monday, January 4, 2010


Sorry to mess with your feed readers but I decided to import all the kid post from my other blog to this blog.

Some of you came here from there and some of you didn't know it existed. It is not a secret or anything just a blog that I started a long time ago that everyone reads and that I do not post to so much any more because I do not feel like I can be honest about the stuff that goes on my life there. It is a happy place, mostly, where now I just post pictures and sometimes knitting or other things that amuse me. But there is a piece of my past in that blog and so I keep it going just to have it there.

This blog now goes all the way back to the spring of 2008 when I announced that we were adopting the boys. Most of the posts are pretty happy/funny/oh my I am Mommy posts. Looking back I realise how much I have learned and how far we have all come. I think it is appopriate to have all the kid posts in one place.

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rbn said...

No worries, it didn't mess up my feed reader at all!