Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Moments

  • In case you didn't already know Corey, the fabulous, ran her marathon yesterday and she did... fabulous! Head over and give her a virtual pat on the back will ya and not just because I won a prize in her raffle!
  • We had a huge field mouse in our house, we have known for awhile but I caught it yesterday, it was in the popcorn maker - super gross - but the boys took it to the barn which I hope is far enough away in cold weather to keep it away from my house.
  • Fudge has got some super annoying behaviour going on and I am really struggling between knowing when it is attachment related and when he really doesn't get it. For example, he has decided sneaking water at night is a good plan, he does it every chance he gets and then tries to lie about it when the evidence is clearly there. Does he forget in the night when he gets up to pee that he is not allowed to have a drink ( cause then he wets the bed) or is he being defiant... it is pretty hard to say with issues like this because it really could go either way.
  • We watched Zoom yesterday afternoon, it was pretty good in a bad movie kinda way. But it meant that I got to cast on a vest for a friend that I have been promising to knit forever.
  • I discovered last week that my most left leaning friend (female) and my most conservative friend (male) are in the same masters class at university. This amuses me to no end because they are small classes at that university and there is a lot of debate. I am waiting to hear how it goes.
  • Both of the boys have therapy tomorrow, I am not looking forward to Calvin's because I know it will be tough on both of us.
  • I have to go take down all the Christmas stuff, I wanted to get to it on the weekend and then I decided that it would be easier to do without any help.
  • I really wish that I had the pennies to go to Orlando in March, it would be great and yet there is just no way that we can swing that kind of cash right now. So sad.
  • that's it! Have a great day!


Lisa said...

Discerning the difference between defiant and can't is one of my most challenging areas. Ugh.

Here's hoping therapy goes better than expected.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Yeah, we had a long battle about cant vs wont last week over homework. Finally it turned out, she could.
Getting up in the night to pee is a great thing! Woo Hoo! My totally uneducated guess without knowing anyone in your home is that he knows not to steal a drink in the night. Is he the type of kid who would respond if you put out a small drink for him if he wakes up? Like, 2 drips of water in a cup? Mine would just refill the cup with more water but having it there takes away the "power" of it for some kids.
Good luck in therapy!

Shauna said...

no parenting advice here. But mouse advise, that I have! 5 KM, not in the barn! Far, far away...