Monday, April 12, 2010


Mama Bear - 0
Therapist  - 0
School - 0

Calvin was home all day. The school and the therapist played phone tag. Calvin will be home tomorrow. I will not send him back until I know that he will not be shamed into submission.

It may be a long week. I'll keep you posted.

PS - thanks for all your support. In response to few comments - he does have an IEP and a safety plan ( behaviour type plan), the principal wants to change it to have C sit alone, not be alone with other kids,  play in certain parts of the yard etc and that along with the restorative justice circle is what I am so against. I will not let my child be shamed by a man who does not understand that shame is the worst thing to do to a child like Calvin.


GB's Mom said...

Stick to your guns, Mama Bear. You are Calvin's most important line of defense.

Foster mama K said...

I hate hate hate the school battle. If I had it my way Lil' Man wouldnt even be in school. He learns more at home than he does at school b/c they dont know how to "deal" with him.

Keep on fighting and dont give up. Your a great Mama!

Tammy said...

Stay strong!!

Diana said...

Ha! Someone else already posted my comment..."Stick to your guns, Mama!" It wouldn't hurt to place a friendly call to the head of the special education department with your school district to let them know of the situation and your concerns regarding it. If they don't listen, call the state. I guarantee they will listen and so will the school. :-)

marythemom said...

Hang in there! That principal has to get ALL of the IEP committee to agree and you are there to fight for your child!

Mary in TX

Mom 4 Kids said...


And what about the kids that were picking on him? Is the school dealing with that issue?

Lisa said...

Wise Mama Bear!

mom2spiritedboy said...

We have had similar incidents over the years. In the end our school sees "the light" but not until after I have pulled him out for a few days, jumped through hoops, created carpal tunnel from all the letters, emails and phone calls.

I think its the times where I am so clear that they are trying to shame him that I am strongest in my conviction to make them understand.

Mental health of our children is unfortunately one of the least understood and least accommodated in the school system. Many of the things our children with attachment disorders NEED and the behaviours they display are so misunderstood. I get that it is counterintuitive to many educators. If they then would only listen to us parents and the professionals who are in the trenches with our kids.

Hang in there.

BT said...

You are so right to protect Calvin from subjection to the shaming. So keep at it. I honestly can't believe that the school is even suggesting that idea of banishment. It sounds like such an outdated concept.